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How Can I Help You?

If you’re looking for a friendly, authentic sound for your commercial, corporate promo, explainer video, e-learning course, phone system, or anything else, my native Lancashire accent can bring the natural, down-to-earth Northern British delivery you need for your voiceover.

Deep, rich and distinctive, my voice can give your project a unique, engaging quality, and make a real difference to how listeners respond to your message. But that's not all....

More Than Just a Northern British Voice Over

Having a versatile, flexible voice over artist on hand that can adapt to your changing requirements is invaluable; listen to my demos below to hear a selection of the wide variety of accents and read styles I can provide.

With a well equipped personal studio, I can quickly turn around a professional recording for you, and accommodate remote direction and/or recording if required.

Get in touch — I'd love to discuss your requirements and deliver a beltin' voiceover for you!

    Studio Specs:
  • Acoustically treated voiceover recording & editing room
  • Aston Origin & sE Electronics sE2200a ii microphones
  • Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 preamp/interface
  • Presonus Eris E5 Studio Monitors
  • Harlan Hogan Signature Voice Optimised Headphones
  • Macbook Pro running Logic Pro
  • Source Connect/ipDTL/Skype/Zoom

Studio shot Studio shot

A Few of My Clients*:

Brussels Airlines logo BT logo The Christie logo Deliveroo logo Iceland logo Mind logo Supercell logo TSB logo University of Salford logo

Video Demo

Here's a video montage of some of the projects I've worked on.

    More Videos

  • Storage Company Promo | Northern British

  • Rail Travel Promo | Northern British

  • Youth Work Promo | Northern British

  • Heating Company Promo | Northern British

  • Environmental Awareness Video | Northern British

  • Charity Fundrasing Promo | Northern British

  • Child Safety Video | Northern British

  • Online Retailer Explainer | Northern British

  • Electrical Compliance Promo | Northern British

  • Instructional Video | Northern British

  • Tech Giant Promo | Northern British

  • Drought Documentary | Neutral British

  • Educational Whiteboard | Neutral British

  • DIY Product Video | Neutral British

  • Product Video | Neutral British

  • Game Trailer | Old Storyteller Character

  • Festive Poem | RP Character

  • CGI Short Film | Scottish

Audio Demos

Expand each section below to listen to samples from that category.

Alternatively, click here to download my Megamix Showreel, or get in touch if you'd like specific accent/genre samples; as well as Northern British and Neutral British/RP voiceovers, I have also recorded a lot of Scottish voiceover projects, along with American and character work.


  • Jewelers Promo | Northern British

  • Car Commercial | Neutral British

  • Tool Brand Commercial | Northern British

  • Kids' Crayons Commercial | Neutral British


  • Storage Solutions Promo | Northern British

  • Tech Brand Promo | Neutral British

  • Social Media Awareness | Neutral British

  • Cancer Training | Northern British


  • Medical Narration | Neutral British

  • Workplace Training | Northern British

  • IT Systems Training | Neutral British

  • Safety Training | Northern British

  • Educational Narration | Neutral British


  • Corporate On-Hold | Neutral British

  • Car Sales On-Hold | Northern British

  • Bathroom Fitters IVR | Northern British

  • Repair Company On-Hold | Scottish


  • Santa Claus | RP British

  • BBQ Commercial | Southern USA


Whether you're looking for a Northern British voice over, a Neutral British voice over, a Scottish voice over or something entirely different, please use the details below to get in touch with me. I'll be happy to hear from you and look forward to discussing your requirements!


+44 (0)7533 964480